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Delivery Systems


Oral capsules may be used to combine multiple medications into one dose. For specific products or product strengths no longer commercially available, compounding is the answer.


Chewable forms may be appropriate for children or older adults who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules. Chewable does are prepared in many bases including: lollipops, gummy bears, peanut butter, dried fruit, etc.

Nail Treatments

Fungal nails can be effectively treated without systemic drug exposure using local drug delivery with dimethyl sulfoxide USP, a solvent to carry your choice of antifungal into and through the nail.

Nasal Sprays

Nasal Sprays can be prepared to deliver drugs for their effect in the nasopharyngeal tissues or for systemic effect as in treating migraine or chronic pain.

Oil-Filled Capsules

May be used to enhance absorption of oil soluble drugs.


Sterile ophthalmic drops or ointments may be prepared for therapeutic agents or strengths not commercially available

Oral Suspensions

Flavored oral suspensions may be prepared for almost any oral use medication when your patient is unable to swallow tablets or capsules. We can prepare hundreds of different flavor combinations to match a specific patient's taste choices.


Rectal suppositories, creams, gels, and suspensions can be used for systemic effect or for local effect in the lower colon. A specially designed suppository called a rectal rocket enhances hemorrhoidal therapy by maintaining drug presence to external rectum, between sphincters, and within the colon.

Sublingual Drops

As above, variable dose may be accomplished by altering the number of drops per dose.

Sublingual Tablets

Provide rapid release for transmucosal delivery of drugs in order to achieve effects quickly and also avoid the first pass effect.

Sustained Release Capsules

SR caps may be used to prolong release of active agents to reduce dosing frequency and improve compliance.


Topical creams, ointments, gels, sprays, or solutions may be prepared for dermatological therapies or for wound care.


One of the most widely used compounded delivery systems, transdermal therapy, allows drugs to be introduced through intact skin to achieve systemic or local tissue effect. Transdermal therapies are often employed to eliminate gastrointestinal side effects and to enhance therapy at lower doses by avoiding first pass effect.


Provide slower release of drugs for transmucosal delivery. Troches may be gelatin based (soft) or fatty acid based (hard).


Vaginal delivery via suppositories, creams, or gels is primarily used for effect on vaginal mucosa or for delivery of bio-identical hormones.