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Professional Consultations

We provide individual consults to help patients make informed decisions about natural approaches to their ongoing health. We will consult on a broad variety of chronic health issues, from fatigue to fibromyalgia, from infertility to menopausal imbalances, from attention deficit to depression. Consults are available by appointment Monday through Friday. Infrequently, we may be able to handle walk-in consults, please check with the staff for availability of a pharmacist.

For more information on consults or appointment times call us (256) 837-1778.

As you plan to visit our store for your natural health consult, it will enhance our ability to better address your situation and work with you to plan your total care if you bring the following with you to the appointment:

  • A brief synopsis of your health history
  • Copies of recent lab reports
  • Current medications (in their containers)
  • Any natural agents you are currently taking (supplements, herbs, etc)

Our consults are priced as follows:
Initial Consultation: $250
60 Minute Consultation: $150
30 Minute Consultation: $100