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Why Pharmaceutical Grade?

There are four different categories of Vitamin Supplements. These categories are based on the quality of the Supplement.

  • The first grade is Feed or Agricultural grade which are intended for veterinary purposes. These supplements are not to be consumed by humans.
  • The second grade is Cosmetic or Nutritional grade. These supplements are widely found at health food stores, drug stores and large chain stores. These supplements are often not tested for purity or absorption and many times may not have as high of concentration of the active ingredient as is labeled.
  • The third category is Medical grade. These supplements are a higher grade product than the nutritional grade. An example of these supplements would be prenatal vitamins.
  • The fourth grade is Pharmaceutical grade. Pharmaceutical grade supplements have the highest regulatory requirements. They are tested for purity, dissolution and absorption. This testing assures you that the products do contain the active ingredients listed and no other contaminants. The testing for dissolution and absorption assures that the supplement is going to dissolve appropriately once taken so that is can be absorbed by the body for maximum benefit. Pharmaceutical grade products are tested by an outside company for potency and possible contamination to assure that the company is maintaining high quality products. The results of this testing is available to those purchasing their products to show that they are the highest quality products.

The staff at Madison Drugs strives to keep the highest quality Pharmaceutical nutrients to assure that the product you are taking is indeed the product labeled and is free of unwanted contaminants that may adversely affect you. The kind of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you take does make a difference and is as important as what you are taking. The purity, absorption and overall quality of the product you take will determine whether that nutrient will work for you. Please ask if you have questions regarding the grade of a product you are currently taking or a product you would like to take.