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Our Two-Fold Mission

Mission as a Natural Pharmacy:

We are a resource for integration of safe, effective natural therapies into traditional programs of care, providing quality products and professional counsel to patients, physicians, and other health care providers.

Mission as a Compounding Pharmacy:

We provide solutions to patient care problems by working with physicians and patients to design and prepare medications or delivery systems not commercially available so that outcomes of therapy are optimized

Our Philosophy

We believe that we are created to be healthy and self-repairing; that our natural state is optimal health.  The concept of homeostasis describes biochemical processes and controls in the body as designed toward restoring balances in systems.  We believe that the manifestations of poor health we exhibit are symptoms of impaired systems function due to changes in intracellular biochemistry caused by relative nutrient deficiencies and accumulation of metabolic and environmental toxins.  To correct these imbalances we use specific targeted dietary and lifestyle changes along with therapeutic natural agents (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, ancillary nutrients, and sometimes herbals or homeopathic agents) as tools to enable the body to restore biochemical and functional balances, thus leading to a more optimal quality of life.

Want to Know Even More About Us?

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