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Quality matters and the truth is that not all compounds are created equal. The knowledge of the Compounder, the compounding equipment, and the quality of ingredients are all extremely important in order to make an effective compound. At Madison Drugs we are recognized as the leader in all these critical areas.

The Compounder

At Madison Drugs we understand that the most important ingredient in your compound is the compounder. The knowledge and experience of the compounder is irreplaceable which is why we attend multiple seminars each year. Pharmacists Terry Wingo and Ginny Isbell attend Bio-identical hormone conferences each year (and have for many years). Terry Wingo and Ginny Isbell both always attend Compounding Pharmacy’s largest International Seminar each year and are the only pharmacy in Alabama north of Birmingham represented at this seminar. We also routinely attend Functional Medicine conferences as well as compounding conferences related to Dermatology, ENT, Wound Care, Pain, Podiatry, Pediatrics, and Veterinary Medicine. We always have the newest information first.

Compounding Equipment

At Madison Drugs we understand that quality equipment is necessary for quality compounds. For this reason we were one of the first in North Alabama to purchase and use an ointment mill in 2000. This device is used to help reduce the particle size of active agents to aid in penetration through the skin. We were one of the first to purchase an Electronic Mortar and Pestle in 2002, a device to insure that creams are mixed thoroughly and accurately. In 2013 we were the first pharmacy in Alabama to add a RAM (Resonant Acoustic Mixer). This device uses low-frequency, high intensity acoustic energy combined with high acceleration (G-forces) to rapidly, thoroughly and accurately mix powders. This ensures an even distribution of active agents which is especially critical with low dose medications and hormone therapies. We are still the only pharmacy with this technology in North Alabama. We believe safety is critical, so we have also chosen since 2000 to work only in powder containment hoods to protect our employees and customers, updating hoods continually as technology improves. Unfortunately this is still not a requirement for compounding pharmacies and is not commonly implemented.

Active Ingredients and Bases

At Madison Drugs every ingredient we receive has been through 14 checks and analyses including Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, Ultraviolet Visable Analysis and Chemical identification by an FDA registered supplier. Only one supplier to compounding pharmacies invests in this degree of testing, rejecting over 200 chemical lots each year. These ingredients had already been allowed into distribution by the FDA and without this degree of testing these ingredients could end up in your compound. This supplier distributes only to member pharmacies who invest in its continued ability to provide this testing. Very few compounders in Alabama are members of this group.

It is impossible to list all of the quality measures that we implement, but be assured that we follow and maintain an up to date 200+ page Policy and Procedure manual and send off samples our final compounds for stability and potency testing.