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Our Hours are Changing

In order to provide our staff with more family time, our hours will be changing effective May 1st. On and After May 1st, we will be open Monday - Friday from 9AM until 6PM and closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Your Health Matters

Whatever problem is bothering you, we want to help. Is it time to take control of your weight and regain your health? Everyone around you got the flu? Thyroid not pulling its weight? Everyone has problems and concerns and everyone needs an answer... an answer just for them. That's what we do, we work with you and your doctor to find solutions just for you. Your health is our passion. Our pharmacists specialize in helping provide custom solutions for you working with your body to bring you to the health you deserve, schedule an appointment and discuss what we can do to help you. Click here for more information.

Shop Online

For your convenience we are now providing online shopping as an option. However, contracts with many pharmaceutical grade product manufacturers require that their products only be sold based on recommendation of health professionals. To satisfy this restriction, access to our site is password protected. To request access to online shopping please click here. If you already have a password please click here.

Quality Matters

Quality matters and the truth is that not all compounds are created equal. The knowledge of the Compounder, the compounding equipment, and the quality of ingredients are all extremely important in order to make an effective compound. At Madison Drugs we are recognized as the leader in all these critical areas. Click here for more information.


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Lab Testing

Lab Tests

Through the years we've often heard concerns about limited access to lab testing. Lack of health insurance, excessive deductibles, or not having a provider to order the desired tests are all familiar reasons. We recently found a company that can provide that access for anyone, and because they don't work with insurance at all they aren't locked in to overbilling. We've checked around and haven't found better cash prices from any other source, so we partnered with them. Looking for labs and want to save cash? Click here for more information.

Our YouTube Channel


We have a new YouTube Channel and are excited to share great content with you. Please check out the valuable information about LDN and what it can do to help you!

Professional Organizations


PCCA is internationally known as the gold standard for prescription compounding education and as the source of the highest quality chemicals available to the industry. Because they know lives depend on what they provide they conduct extensive in house testing of all chemicals they source, regardless of the manufacturer’s certifications, and reject over 200 lots each year. We choose to use PCCA chemicals in every formula we prepare because safety and efficacy are too important to take chances with cheap ingredients. We’ve chosen to invest in PCCA membership since 1997 because your health matters; we are the only PCCA member pharmacy in the Huntsvillle/Madison County area.


APC, the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding, is the professional organization through which we fight to preserve your access to the individualized compounded medications required for many patients’ best care. Terry and Ginny have both invested in this organization as long as we’ve been compounding, because patient access to compounded medications is constantly under attack. Ginny currently serves on the APC Board of Directors.

LDN Research Trust Member

The LDN Research Trust is an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing information for patients and practitioners about the potential health benefits of low dose naltrexone. Thousands of patients around the world have regained their health; currently over 200 different conditions have been treated successfully with LDN. Low dose naltrexone is only available through compounding pharmacies. Part of the function of the Trust is to sponsor educational conferences so that more providers learn of the benefit for their patients. The organization has recognized, however, that patient benefit can be dependent on the quality of the compound and the knowledge of the compounding pharmacist, so they have developed a directory of pharmacies versed in the used of LDN. Madison Drugs is proud to be the first (and currently only) pharmacy in Alabama to be included in this directory.